Tutorial: Install Software without Admin Permission


1.) Download the software you want to install.

2.) MOVE the installer program for the software into the F-IT_Installer folder.

3.) RIGHT CLICK the F-IT_Installer.bat file and select EDIT

4.) COPY the name of the installer program and paste it to the INSTALLER NAME HERE.

Firefox Installer would look like:
Start Firefox Installer

5.) Go to FILE and SAVE.

6.) DOUBLE CLICK the Installer.bat to execute the code.

Note: An error may show up, you can ignore this error. It wont have an effect.

7.) DOUBLE CLICK on the Installer program of the software you want to install.

Note: An error or Admin password pop up will show. Just press the X in the corner.

8.) Software should start to install.

Note: Depending on the IT setup of your computer. This may or may not work. Not all software will install, due to needing specific access to a specific admin permission(s).

Enjoy, download the .bat script below.


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