Bored Hacker is a gray hat hacker that enjoys a challenge.

Viewing electronics/computers as a cryptic puzzle, seeing what they can do rather than what they're made to do. Involved with many projects and hacks. Hacking apps and software in spare time. (Some of my hacks below)

Trying to do what's right for the people. Information needs to be free and available to everyone regardless of who they are, what they are, or where they are. Everyone is equal and information should be equally available. 

This site isn't just about hacked apps. It's about information on how people can protect themselves within the wild world that is the internet.

Bored Hacker first started on YouTube, the channel is still available. It became very popular. But after some issues with YouTube's business practices, this site was created. To keep people informed and keeping information free for people all around the globe.

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Check back often, I'm always hacking newer versions of apps I've hacked in the past.


Terms and conditions: 
There is no guarantee and/or warranty with any of the apps or tutorials.

Apps may not work with all devices and/or firmware operating systems. 
Bored Hacker (admin) is not responsible for any damages caused by the user (you), fees from an ISP, law enforcement, or court actions against the user from any country. 
User takes full responsibility while using modified apps, tutorials, or miscellaneous downloads. 

By downloading any material(s) from www.boredhacker.biz, you waive any right to sue and/or other court actions. You take full responsibility for your own actions and/or electronic devices while using the modified apps, tutorials, and misc. downloads.

Anyone under the age of 18 years of age, should get parent's permission before dowloading or using any of the apps and guides.

Terms and conditions can change at anytime without any notice.

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