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For those who need a little help on how to download and install my hacked apps, here's a quick how-to.

First, you'll want to enable "Install from Unkown Source" within your device's settings.

To find this setting, use your device's search within your settings. It's typically in the "SECURITY" portion of settings.


Now we can get to the good stuff.

Android Device Install Guide

1.) Once you found the hacked app you want to download. Select the hacked app URL under "DOWNLOAD"

2.) You will be sent to the Mega storage interface.

3.) Select "DOWNLOAD"

4.) Wait for the app to de-encrypt.

5.) Once it's finished, select "SAVE"

6.) A pop up will ask what folder you want to save the hacked app (the APK). I suggest to save it in the "Downloads" folder. 

Then select "DOWNLOAD".

7.) A notice will show up. Select "OK"

8.) Once the hacked app has been saved to your device. Slide down the top device options and select the downloaded app.

9.) You might have a pop up asking what installer you want to use. Just use the package installer, just like the one pictured.

10.) A pop up will ask if you want to install the hacked app. Select "INSTALL".

11.) The app wil be in your app library to enjoy.

I've Already Downloaded an app. 
Where do I find it?

Here's a similar walkthrough from my Youtube days. 

This will show how to get to an already downloaded app. You'll need to use your device's file explorer. If needed you can download a file explorer on Google Play.

NOTE: If you followed the instructions above, the app will be in the "DOWNLOAD" folder.

Fire Stick App Install Guide

1.) Go to the official Amazon Fire stick app store.

2.) Search for Downloader and install.

3.) Open Downloader and go to the URL bar at the top and type in

4.) Once at the site, go to the fire stick app you want to install from the "Fire Stick" download url.

5.) The app will start to download and a pop up will ask if you would like to install the app. Select yes, and your all set.

The easiest option is to follow my how-to here and use your android device to install apps to your fire stick.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, comments.

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