The Sights & Sounds of 90s Internet

History for children not old enough to understand what the early 90's internet was like vs. Today's more advanced connection.

The internet connection, which was used with a modem that connected to your phone line (no cell phones then).

When the internet was being used, the landline phone couldn't make or receive calls (cellphones were rare then). And if the phone was being used, you couldn't get onto the internet.

(90s Dial Modem)

(90s Microsoft Windows Desktop computer)

Some of the websites that the time. A lot different vs. today. And if the physical store location was not open, neither was the websites ordering page.

90s internet was loaded with popup ads

When your done, you would disconnect from the internet and heard this.

Interview with the man of the AOL voice.

Old AOL commerical
Note: pages loaded slowly, not as they show it in the commercials.

You could also find the free software at any grocery store, next to the cashier.

Overall it felt like this with 90s Dial-up. And it was sllllooowww.

The 90s also had it's share of game piracy.
"Don't Copy that Floppy"

Napster allowed people to download unlimited free music. Until the United States federal court shut it down in the early 2000s.

What is internet anyway?

How does the internet work?

Here's an excellent video of the Internet's history.

Here is a 90s internet emulator to experience

Remember this the next time you complain about how slow the internet is running. Cause it's still way faster.

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