Modded ExpressVPN [updated 12/19]

- Premium features by default.
- Removed android ID reference
- Once trial is up, jusy clear data and use a different email for another trial period.

- Uninstall any existing version before installing the hacked version.
If you get “Free Trial Unavailable” error, switch between mobile data/wifi. Or restart your router and it will work.

1.) For the trial period email, type whatever you want followed by 
- Their system doesn't cross reference anything by email. I removed their ID reference from the app.
2.) Switch the VPN protocol to UDP within settings.
-TCP protocol has to confirm every connection, which will make this mod not work. UDP is faster than TCP anyway.


DOWNLOAD (updated 12/9/19)!vDI12YLC!wv-aVthtyxIZQ9zAPr0JoLOOlo3M1nYVgPm4jbnbXHQ

[Clear Cache & Data if your having issues, then follow the instructions above]

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