Watch Live NFL/NCAA Football/MLB/NBA/NHL [updated 10/21/20]

Watch any and all NFL, NCAA football, MLB, NBA, & NHL games live on your android device or firestick. All Free!!!

For firestick, I recommend installing a forced landscape app (download below). For live streams, download the Puffin Browser & VLC player from the Amazon Firestick app store.

[Update 10/5/20] Updated the Live Sports app sense it wasn't working correctly. And created an Amazon Fire Stick friendly version, with a crosshair cursor for ease of selection.


DOWNLOAD [updated 10/5/20]

Sports App [If above doesn't work]
Forced Landscape App

Mouse Toggle App

Double click the play/ pause button brings up a round cursor you move around screen using the d-pad and select by clicking center of d-pad.

You can scroll up and down by holding center of d-pad and press either up or down of the d-pad. Like you would using your finger on a smartphone/tablet.

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