Tutorial: Find Movies & TV shows using Google

Find movies using Google. By typing Google Dorking code into the search engine, it uses the search engine to find what your looking for fast and easy.

What's Google Dorking?

The use of advanced operators in Google is referred to as “Dorking” and the strings themselves are called “Google Dorks.” Dorks can be as basic as just one string, or they can be a more complex combination of multiple advanced operators in a single search string.

Now with that out of the way, here's how you find movies with Google Dorking.

1. Choose a Movie. (ex. Thor)

2. Go to google search

3. Type this in the search bar - 
[Name Of Movie You Want] 1080p mkv site:drive.google.com

(ex: thor 1080p mkv site:drive.google.com)

4. Click on any of the links.
You will be directed to Google Drive and you can download the full movie.

NOTE: Not every movie will be available.

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