Tutorial: Play Classic Games on your Amazon Firestick

Play all the classic games from Nintendo (NES) to Playstation 2 on your Amazon Firestick.

First, setup a controller (see tutorial)

Download and install the RetroArch app on your firestick

First-time Retroarch setup

1. Load up RetroArch. Select it from your list of apps on the home screen.

2. When you first launch RetroArch, it will prompt you for media permissions. Give RetroArch the access it's requesting.

How to add cores (game emulators)

On the main RetroArch home screen, go to Load Core. You can pick any of the cores from the list for any gaming system.

You'll notice there are often multiple cores for the same system. This is because each emulator accomplishes emulation through different means. This makes some better than others, depending on what you want to play.

Download ROMs

Install the ES File Explorer File Manager app and add roms.

Now we need something to play. To put ROMs on the Firestick.

Download the modded ES File Explorer app on your firestick:

Open ES File Explorer and go to the downloader folder.

Move the rom by holding the select button and selecting cut from the menu options below.

Move the rom to the download folder.

How to load ROMs in RetroArch

Once you've copied your games over, it's time to launch them. From the main RetroArch home screen, choose Load content. This is right under the option to load a core.

From this screen, navigate to the download folder where you moved the ROMs. Select the game you want to play. And enjoy.

Note: Be sure to select exit from the RetroArch app, otherwise you'll have to restart your firestick.


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