Modded YouTube (Updated 5/30/22)

Sadly, YouTube Vance is no more 😭

But no worries, there's a few options.


One is Smart YouTube and the other is NewPipe.

What do they do?

- Block ALL ads
- Background Playback
- Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
- Override Max Resolution
- Pinch to zoom
- Casting Togglable
- Toggle Themes (Black, Dark, White)
- Auto Repeat


NewPipe for older Android version:

Smart YouTubeNext:

• Smart YouTubeNext is mainly developed for smart tvs, but it'll work well on a phone or tablet.

• NewPipe has a functional built-in downloader.

• NewPipe is setup for privacy. There's no account sign-in. But, you can following the instructions from the site (link below) to export your subscription list from YouTube to import into NewPipe.


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