Tutorial: Bored Hacker Life Hacks [Updated 6/19/21]

I'm always looking to exploit life to the fullest. Life hacks can be fun, amazing, and extremely helpful. So today, I'll share some of my favorite life hacks that I use. The newest life hacks are at the bottom.

Life Hack #1: Unshrink Shirts
Did your dryer shrink your favorite shirt? Doing this will relax the fibers.
1. Get a bucket or large bowl.
2.Fill it up with lukewarm water
3. Add 1 tablespoon of conditioner
4. Move the conditioner around to spread it throughout the water.
5. Dunk the shirt completely into the bottom of the bowl.
6. Let it sit in the water/conditioner for 30 minutes.
7. Take the shirt out and wash out the remaining conditioner in the sink with lukewarm water.
8.Stretch the shirt to your liking for a few minutes.
9. Finally, Hang dry the shirt.
10. Your all set and your shirt is like new!

Life hack #2: Easy Way to Disinfect Legos
Children’s toys are a breeding ground for germs. A dishwasher makes quick work of disinfecting toys that are washable, like Legos.
1. Drop the Legos in a laundry bag to keep them contained.
2. Run your dishwasher as usual.
3.But, remove the Legos before the drying cycle, letting them air dry completely on a towel.

Life hack #3: Zip-Tie Phone Stand
Make a quick stand by looping zip ties around your phone (1 on each side). 
1. All you have to do is tighten the zip ties until they are snug to the phone with the zip-tie heads facing down and near the edge of your phone (see pic). 
2. Don't completely the zip tie. 
3. Now you can watch video instructions or look at project drawings without having to hold it in your hands the whole time.

Life hack #4: Pasta Lighter
If you don't have a lighter to light candles for example, use pasta.
1. Light a piece of uncooked spaghetti using your stove. If electric, put the spaghetti tip on the electric stove burner.
2. It’ll start to burn, then a steady flame. This will reach into those deep candles and burn long enough to light the candles.

Life hack #5: Remove very small scratches in glass
For example, sometimes I get scratches on my wrist watch crystal. Doing this will solve that issue.
1. Get some white toothpaste and two cleaning cloths.
2. Put a dabbing of toothpaste on the glass surface.
3. With one cloth, wipe the toothpaste onto the glass. In a circular motion for about a minute.
4. Use the other cloth to wipe off the toothpaste.
5. Small scratches are all gone!

Life hack #6: Fog-Free Mirrors
Prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up after a hot shower with dish soap. 
1. Apply a small amount of dish soap to the mirror.
2. Buff with a cloth in a circular motion.
3. Dry with cloth.

Life hack #7: Clean Up Paint in Carpet
Paint on the carpet sucks and I used to think it meant an entire carpet replacement, until I got a tip from a good handyman.
1. Pour some denatured alcohol onto a rag that's the same that is as close in color to the carpet, as the alcohol can transfer some of the rag’s color to the carpet.
2. Scrub away the paint.

Life hack #8: Remove Gum from Carpet
When gum freezes, it gets brittle and easily breaks apart. So, if you have gum stuck in your carpet, freeze it to remove it quickly and neatly.
1. Place a sandwich bag filled with ice cubes on top of the gum and wait about a half hour.
2. When the gum is frozen, break it apart and pull it out of the carpet.
3. No trace left behind.

Life hack #9: Your Shoes Will Look New
1. Get an old toothbrush and a little toothpaste. Non-gel white toothpaste works great for cleaning white-soled sneakers (colored toothpaste may stain rather than clean sneakers). 
2. Apply toothpaste to an old toothbrush and then work the paste into the dirty spots in a circular motion.
3. Leave the toothpaste on the shoes for about ten minutes.
4. Wipe it off with a hot damp towel.
5. Repeat the process if necessary.

Life hack #10: Coat Your Snow Shovel with Car Wax
Shoveling snow can suck, but when heavy snow sticks or freezes in clumps on the shovel, it can make shoveling really suck. Coat your shovel with car wax before heading out to clear your driveway and walking paths.

This tip works best with metal shovels: Follow the application instructions on the car wax package. Generally, car wax is applied in a thin layer using a damp cloth, allowed to dry, and then buffed off with a dry cloth. This leaves the shovel clean and lubricated, so the snow and ice won’t stick.

Life Hack #11: YouTube Music
1. Go to youtube.com/disco
2. enter in an Artists name
YouTube will auto arrange a playlist based on uploads of that artist.

Life Hack #12: Report Spam SMS
1. Forward SMS to 7726
Your carrier will reply asking for the number it came from to help stop spam.

Life Hack #13: Low Cellphone Battery
If your phone battery is really low and you need it for later don't turn it off. Instead, put it on airplane mode. Turning it off and on will waste more battery life.

Life Hack #14: Ad Free Gaming
If the game your playing doesn't need the internet to work. Put your device into Airplane Mode. This will cut the internet off and stop the app's Adsense from establishing a connection.

Life Hack #15: Voicemail
If you mess up a voicemail to someone, press "#" to erase and re-record.

Life Hack #16: Damage by Battery
If a Duracell battery leaks, and destroys one of your devices, the company will replace the device if it's sent to them with the defective batteries still in place.

Life Hack #17: School Research
Stop using Google.com to search information for school essays, use scholar.google.com instead. You will find more relevant information right away.

Life Hack #18: iTunes
The program DeTune will transfer all of the songs from an iPod/iPhone and put them on your computer.

Life Hack #19: Charging
For example. If you're at a hotel and run out of chargers, the tv usually has a USB plugin.

Life Hack #20: iPhone charging
An iPad charger will charge your iPhone much faster.

Life Hack #21: Free wifi while flying
1. Sign up for the free 30 minute trial of on-board WiFi while flying.
2. Delete cookies when trial ends.
3. Start new trial.

Life Hack #22: Documentary Fans
DocumentaryHeaven.com is a website that lets you watch thousands of documentaries for free.

Life Hack #23: Electronic Deals
If you want to get a new laptop, phone, or other electronic get it now. In October you can usually get up to 40% off most electronics.

Life Hack #24: Deodorant Stain
Accidentally get deodorant on your shirt when putting it on? Rub a dryer sheet on it to take it off.

Life Hack #25: Need AA batteries
You can use a "AAA" battery by filling the gap on the positive side with a small wad of tin foil.

Life Hack #26: Survivor
Drinking helps fight against Radioactive Poisoning. The survivors of Chernobyl were drunk at the time.

Life Hack #27: Lucky?
Diamondcandles.com sells candles that after so long of burning reveal a ring valuing either 10, 100, 1000 or 5000 dollars.

Life Hack #28: Cheaper Flight, Hotel, & Car Rental Prices
Use a VPN and select a different location that's known for cheaper prices. (ex. If you're in California. Connect to South Carolina for the east coast price)

Life Hack #29: Get hard to remove carpet stains (for white carpet)
1. Get hydrogen peroxide, damp wet towel, and an iron.
2. Cover the carpet stain with the hydrogen peroxide. Scrub it into the stain.
3. Place the damp wet towel over the stain. This towel will be ruined. Because the stain will transfer to the towel.
4. Place the iron on top of the towel that is over the stain.
5. Let the iron setup steam for 5-10 seconds.
6. Stain should be removed. If not repeat until gone from carpet.
7. Use air freshener or carpet cleaner as directed on carpet to remove the smell.

Life Hack #30: Get slime out of carpet (for white carpet)
1. Get white vinegar, a metal spoon, a towel, and carpet cleaner.
2. Soak the carpet area that has the slime with the white vinegar.
3. Let it set for 5-10 seconds.
4. Use spoon to scrap the slime out of the carpet. And wipe the spoon with slime on the towel.
5. Repeat scrapping until gone.
6. Once the slime is out. Use the carpet cleaner as directed.
7. The carpet cleaner will remove the vinegar smell and clean anything remaining.

Life Hack #31: Hide your phone number from caller IDs
1. Dial *67 before the number you want to call.

Life Hack #32: Fix an interior door that's rubbing the door frame

Life Hack #33: Excel Shortcuts

Life Hack #34: Test Your Ad Blocker
To test your ad blocking and detailed info on what ads are being blocked. Head over to:

Life Hack #35: Block Spam Calls (T-Mobile ONLY)
1. Dial #662# a pop-up will show and you're good to go.

Hope these help.


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