Tutorial: How to Easily Protect YOUR DATA

Looking for a way to protect your data, keep your data away from advertisers, black hat hackers, corporations, and more?

Today I'll explain the easiest and simplest way to do this. 

Say hello to Jumbo!

Jumbo is a helpful app that keeps your data private and helps you organize your settings and social media to best protect your data and privacy.

Jumbo never collects your data and nothing is stored anywhere else. Keeping your data out of the hand of third parties.

It can currently scan apps like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon. With more coming out soon from the project.

Here's a basic breakdown from the project's website:

Jumbo offers 4 main categories of protection:

1. Security
2. Digital Footprint (old tweets or Facebook posts; search history)
3. Tracking (ad tracking, social media online status)
4. Reputation & Data Leaks (profile info, Facebook tagging and post visibility)

With Jumbo, you can:


◆ Increase the security of your Google, Facebook, and other internet and social media accounts.
◆ Monitor for data breaches.
◆ Reduce the number of unwanted robocalls.
◆ Coming soon: Remove your real address, phone number, and email from data brokers. / Monitor the dark web for compromised social security number, credit card info, and other sensitive personal data. Browse the web safely, with data encryption.


◆ Delete old Tweets from Twitter.
◆ Remove old Facebook posts.
◆ Delete voice recordings from Alexa.
◆ Coming soon: Remove old photos from Instagram. / Delete all your dating activities: photos, profiles, and messages.


◆ Turn off Facebook’s facial recognition feature.
◆ Limit Google’s use of your search history.
◆ Protect your data from being used by Google and Facebook for ads and advertisers.
◆ Limit ads that follow you around.
◆ Avoid third parties from collecting and selling your data without your consent.
◆ Limit location tracking by Google and Facebook.
◆ Coming soon: Hide your IP from your ISP, apps, and websites.


◆ Restrict what info your Facebook profile shows to the public.
◆ Restrict who can tag you on Facebook and review tags on posts before they show up on your timeline.
◆ Browse in private mode on LinkedIn.
◆ Coming soon: Remove your personal data from data brokers.

For additional protection, use Duckduckgo.com instead of Google for your searches.

Download Jumbo today to help automate your data protection today:



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