COVID-19 Internet Resource Survival Guide [Updated 1/30/21]

The internet is full of malicious websites, inaccurate/unreliable information concerning the pandemic.

The following are some helpful and legitimate websites with accurate information. Information will help us all keep calm and safe.

(UPDATED 1/30/2021)
Looking for vaccine information and data?
United States vaccinated data Only:

United States: How to get vaccination within your state:

For International vaccinated data & how to get vaccination (by country, at bottom of site):

International vccaine information per manufacture:

Looking for specific products in your area?
This is good in the United States (will post one for other countries ASAP). Just type the product in the search and type your zip code. And a list of stores and counts will appear. You can also setup a notification of a product when it's available. PLEASE DO NOT HOARD, ONLY GET WHAT YOU NEED.

Can't find a specific disinfectant or worried about if the one you got is good enough to kill COVID-19?
This is the official list from the EPA of disinfectant cleaners that will kill the virus. Being COVID-19 is an envelope virus, any soap or detergent will do. Mixing water, scented dish soap, and bleach or (if bleach sensitive) hydrogen peroxide together in a spray bottle will do just fine with killing any virus and bacteria. 65%-75% alcohol based cleaning supplies will also kill the virus.

Looking for the peak COVID-19 data projections or that curve you keep hearing about?
Select your country [US, then select state] to see detailed information about the virus peak and resources. The information is updated constantly.
(UPDATED 1/30/21) Here's the official WHO covid-19 data.

Looking for an accurate virus count of spread and infected?
The official John Hopkins COVID-19 global map is the most accurate and reliable.

Looking for CDC and/or World Health  Organization information and suggestions?
This is the official CDC website concerning everything COVID-19.
This is the official WHO website concerning everything COVID-19.

Looking for help with your family's mental wellbeing?
Mental health is very important. I myself deal with anxiety, depression, and aspergers syndrome with the help of my therapist and doctor. These crazy times especially put stress on top of already piled stress. This excellent source reached out to me and I just had to include it. It also has information on how to help individuals with things like autism and other mental situations during this pandemic.

Another great source to help with your mental health reached out to us and also had to include it:

Looking for a educational pandemic breakdown for kids?
This is the best and most accurate guide for kids. And breakdown the situation so kids can read it.

Looking for legal advice concerning an event you bought tickets for but was canceled due to the pandemic?
Check out this awesome attorney's YouTube video. And subscribe, he's entertaining and educational.

Looking for how to protect yourself from black hat hackers trying to hack you using this pandemic?
Here is my ultimate guide to keeping yourself safe online during this pandemic.

Looking for a free streaming service to watch shows, movies, documentaries, etc?
Cinema is going strong and has everything you could watch. All for Free.

We will get through this pandemic together. Help others, stay home if your sick, think of others, thank a grocery  store employee, thank a delivery person, thank a truck driver, thank a first responder, and thank a health care professional.


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