How-To: Find Out Who's Selling Your Data


The sad truth is that your favorite services are most likely selling your data to 3rd parties.

This tutorial will show you who’s selling it and how frequently.

The next time you sign up for an account with an app or website, add a + symbol and a unique identifier after your user name, but before the @ symbol.


Would look like this:

Using the app name will let you know what specific app is selling you out. 

For example, if you sign up for a TikTok account with and then you start getting a lot of spam emails with that specific address as the recipient, you'll know it was TikTok who sold your email address.

This works is because Gmail ignores everything after a + sign in any email addresses, yet still delivers the emails. So check that Sender field on your next spam message.

Some services might not let you use a + symbol when signing up. Alternatively, you can use a period instead.


Would look like this:

If you want to keep the account, then you could send an opt-out request for selling your data.

This is especially useful with Europe and California data privacy laws.

Look for this within the website

The other way is remove your account completely and send an opt-out request. can show you how to remove difficult accounts.

Also, check the trackers and loggers on the apps your using. There are many alternatives to popular apps that will protect you from advertising. Check them out now with this simple to use search:


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