How-To: Was My Facebook Data Hacked?


Welcome back to,
"Has my Facebook data been hacked?"

But seriously, this is a pretty big problem.

This has been one of many issues Facebook has had. I'm not a fan of Facebook at all. 

The idea of keeping in contact with loved ones is a great idea. But not at the cost of your data and privacy.

But anyway.

How did this hack happen this time?

Encompassing approximately 20% of Facebook's subscribers, the data was allegedly obtained by exploiting a vulnerability Facebook advises they rectified in August 2019.

While this data dump appears to have sold in cybercrime communities at least since last year, a Telegram Bot that appeared on the scene earlier this January allowed users to look up a phone number and receive the corresponding user's Facebook ID, or vice versa for a fee.

But now, the data is publicly available for free.

  The primary value of the data is the association of phone numbers to identities; whilst each record included phone, only 2.5 million contained an email address. Most records contained names and genders with many also including dates of birth, location, relationship status and employer.

Also included in the leak are the phone numbers from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and co-founders Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz, who are the fourth, fifth, and sixth members to have registered on Facebook.

Here's a number of user details available by country. From the seller's ad.

RankProfile LocationExposed Users RankProfile LocationExposed Users
1Egypt44,823,547 55Bahrain1,450,124
2Tunisia39,526,412 56Ireland1,449,919
3Italy35,677,323 57Finland1,381,569
4USA32,315,282 58Czech Republic1,375,988
5Saudi Arabia28,804,686 59Austria1,249,388
6France19,848,559 60Sweden1,092,140
7Turkey19,638,821 61Ghana1,027,969
8Morocco18,939,198 62Philippine879,699
9Colombia17,957,908 63Mauritius848,558
10Iraq17,116,398 64Taiwan734,807
11Africa14,323,766 65China670,334
12Mexico13,330,561 66Croatia659,115
13Malaysia11,675,894 67Denmark639,841
14United Kingdom11,522,328 68Greece617,722
15Algeria11,505,898 69Afghanistan558,393
16Spain10,894,206 70Albania506,602
17Russia9,996,405 71Norway475,809
18Sudan9,464,772 72Bulgaria432,473
19Nigeria9,000,131 73Japan428,625
20Peru8,075,317 74Macao414,228
21Brazil8,064,916 75Namibia409,356
22Australia7,320,478 76Jamaica385,890
23United Arab Emirates6,978,927 77Hungary377,045
24Syria6,939,528 78Ecuador310,259
25Chile6,889,083 79Iran301,723
26India6,162,450 80Botswana240,606
27Germany6,054,423 81Slovenia229,039
28Netherlands5,430,388 82Lithuania220,160
29Oman5,048,532 83Brunei213,795
30Yemen4,617,359 84Luxembourg188,201
31Kuwait4,468,134 85Serbia162,898
32Libya4,204,514 86Cyprus152,321
33Israel3,956,428 87Puerto Rico130,586
34Bangladesh3,816,339 88Indonesia130,331
35Canada3,494,385 89South Korea121,744
36Palestine3,367,576 90Malta115,366
37Kazakhstan3,214,990 91Azerbaijan99,472
38Belgium3,183,584 92Georgia95,193
39Jordan3,105,988 93Estonia87,533
40Singapore3,073,009 94Maldives86,337
41Bolivia2,959,209 95Angola50,889
42Hong Kong2,937,841 96Moldova46,237
43Poland2,669,381 97Iceland31,343
44Qatar2,526,694 98Turkmenistan16,279
45Argentina2,347,553 99Honduras16,142
46Portugal2,277,361 100Burundi15,709
47Cameroon1,997,658 101Haiti15,407
48Lebanon1,829,661 102Djibouti14,327
49Guatemala1,645,068 103Ethiopia12,753
50Tunisia1,595,346 104Burkina Faso6,413
51Switzerland1,592,039 105Fiji5,364
52Uruguay1,509,317 106El Salvador4,779
53Panama1,502,310 107Cambodia2,838
54Costa Rica1,464,002    

What can black hat hackers do with my data?

Threat actors (<-bad person) on the hacker forum can use it to conduct attacks on the people listed in the data leak. 

For example, threat actors can use email addresses for phishing attacks and mobile numbers for smishing (mobile text phishing) attacks. 

Threat actors can also use mobile numbers and leaked info to perform SIM swap attacks to steal multi-factor authentication codes sent via SMS.

It is advised that all Facebook users be wary of strange emails or texts requesting further information or telling you to click on enclosed links.

How do I find out if my data was exposed?

This is a great site to find if your account was hacked and what to do.

Also, report any phishing emails & text messages. Filtering out callers using your carriers spam filter app will also help.

Restrict the people who can have access to your account via your carrier's website to help prevent Sim swapping. 


Use Authy or andOTP for 2FA codes.

I also advise that you remove any information on your profile like:

> Your Address
> Phone Numbers
> Hide email
> Hide your profile information from the public.
(or just deleting Facebook forever)

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