Tutorial: Firestick Troubleshooting

Jailbreak Firestick:
Follow the instructions in the following link:

Blank screen after restart:
1. Press and hold UP & REWIND buttons together at the same time.

2. A screen will show to automatically adjust for your TV resolution.

Not Going past Fire TV logo:

1. Completely unplug the firestick and power.

2. Try a different outlet plug, micro usb cable, and/or hdmi extender (any or all combinations).

I find that a Samsung usb outlet plug and micro usb cable work great.

3. Make sure to plug the firestick into the TV with the hdmi extender after 5 minutes.

4. Then power on the firestick and wait for 25 minutes.

if that didn't work, continue with steps below

5. If you can't restart the firestick, then do the following steps.

6. Press and hold Select and Play/Pause or unplug it from the power source for 2 minutes and plug back in.

7. If still having issues, the firestick motherboard could be bad and would need to be replaced all together.

Factory Reset (this will delete all data)

1. Press and hold the Back and the right part of the navigation circle together.

2. Select Continue on the TV screen.

Pair a remote to my firestick:

1. Make sure the batteries are not dead.

2. Press the home button for 20 seconds.

3. Wait a minute or two for the pairing process.

4. If successfully paired, a pair successful will show at the bottom right. If doesn't pair, redo steps.

Note: You can pair a smart tv remote to a fire stick by enabling CEC, also comes up as Anynet+ in your smart tv settings.

Reset your remote and re-pair it
1. Disconnect your FireStick from the power source (either unplug the adapter from the power outlet or from the FireStick device)
2. Now hold down the following buttons (all of them together) for at least 20 seconds:
– Back button
– Menu button
– Left part of the navigation ring
firestick remote buttons not working
3. Take off the batteries from the FireStick remote
4. Power on your FireStick and wait until you see the home screen on your TV
5. Insert the batteries back into your FireStick remote
6. Wait for 1-2 minutes
7. Your FireStick remote must have already paired. If it hasn’t paired, hold down the Home button for a minimum of 10 seconds.
Note: These steps DOES NOT reset your FireStick to factory settings. They simply reset and unpair your remote and pair it again with FireStick.

Mouse Toggle 

1. Open the Mouse Toggle app and select start and start on reboot.

2. Restart the firestick.

3. To activate, double click the Play/Pause button.

4. This brings up a round cursor you move around screen using the d-pad and select by clicking center of d-pad.

5. You can scroll up and down by holding down the center of Select and press either up or down while continuing to hold down Select. Allowing movement like you would using your finger on a smartphone/tablet.

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